• A notification will be sent out when the lottery opens for a specific game.

  • The Lottery for the ULM vs. App State game will open on October 24th @8:00 AM. 

  • Lottery sign-up for the ULM vs. App State game will close on October 27th @8:00 AM. 

  • Winners will be randomly and systematically selected via an automated system.

  • Results will be posted immediately after the lottery entry period is closed.

  • Winning Students will be notified via email. Students that receive this email can claim their spot by following the link in the email


    • Pickup will run starting on: Wednesday October 27th , from 10AM - 5 PM UNTIL Thursday October 28th  from 10AM - 5PM in the SGA Office. 

    • Unclaimed spots are distributed on a first come, first serve basis (FREE FOR ALL), in the SGA Office (Located on the second floor of the Student Union ) starting on Friday October 29th from 10AM - 12pm  

*If for some reason you cannot make it during these days/times to claim your pass, please email evansdb@appstate.edu by Friday 17th @5:30pm. 

  • Appcard must be presented to claim spot
  • On Friday for pick up of unclaimed spots you must come with your banner ID or App Card
  • Students will not be notified after initial entry. You will only be notified if you win a spot.


If a winner attempts to resell any tailgating passes, they will  be BANNED from the lottery system!

Upcoming game

Oct 30, 2021

Signup starts on 8:00AM, Oct 24, 2021